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Planning Commission Meeting
Sep 11, 2017

Regular Meeting of Town of Caledonia

 Planning Commission



Date:         Monday,  September 11, 2017

Place:        Readfield School

Time:        5:30-7:00pm






1.     Call Meeting To Order

2.     Roll Call

3.     Open Meeting Statement

This meeting and all other meetings of this commission are open to the public. Proper notice has been posted so the citizenry may be aware of the time, place and agenda of this meeting.

4.     Approve Agenda

5.     Comp Plan Discussion and Review

      *Ryan Brown, Jessica Beckendorf

          6.  Conditional Use Permit

                       *Kaitlyn Keehn(Raising/boarding horses)

          7. Land Use Permit/CUP

                       * Pat Lewis (Raising/boarding dogs)

          8. Land division/sale

                       *Roger Steinberg

          9. Caledonia Fest Survey data collection

         10. New Business

         11. Public Comment

         12. Adjourn   


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