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Planning Commission Minutes
Jan 07, 2019



Planning Commission – January 7, 2019

Town of Caledonia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin

Commissioners present: Helen Adams, Bill Fitzpatrick, Kimberly Miller, Marv Schneider

Also present: Paula Pagel (Town Chairperson)

Excused:  Ivan Gruetzmacher

Commissioner Marv Schneider called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and noted that the required public notice for the meeting was posted. The agenda was approved 4-0. The minutes of the December 10, 2018 Planning Commission were approved 4-0.

Update on the Ad Hoc Non-Metallic Mining Committee

Helen Adams provided an update on the Ad Hoc Non-Metallic Mining Committee’s third meeting held on December 19. It was focused on the geology of Wisconsin and more specifically the Town of Caledonia. The township has two types of sand. The first is loose industrial sand accessible with no blasting and suitable for foundry, farm use as animal bedding, and construction fill. The second is high quality frac sand that can only be accessed by blasting off the limestone and shale cap to reach the sandstone. The sandstone must be crushed, washed to remove clay particles, and dried before transporting. The Calnin and Goss and Rathsack quarries in the Town are industrial sand pits, while the Faulks Brothers quarry and the MCC and Go Green quarries on Guhl Road have sandstone (frac sand) deposits. A map created by Scott Konkle, ECWRPC reclamation specialist, was distributed depicting current mining sites and the types of soils found in the township. The next version of the map will display areas of the town that may be suitable for future mine sites. Konkle also produced a document with criteria that are positive and negative for siting quarries that can be useful for commissioners as they update the future land use map. All new mines will be subject to the 2015 Waupaca County Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance. The Ad Hoc Committee’s next meeting will be on January 23.

The five resident representatives to the Ad Hoc Non-metallic Mining Committee are currently soliciting input on mining concerns and issues from residents living within one-half mile of a quarry or the sand processing plant or who live along the truck route. Residents can provide information by phone, email, or in person at the listening session at the community center on January 17. The prioritized issues list will be presented at the committee’s February meeting.

Review of Proposed Future Land Use Map for the Town of Caledonia

Commissioners continued reviewing under 5 acre outlier parcels currently designated as Residential on the draft Future Land Use Map dated December 15, 2017. On a parcel by parcel basis, commissioners considered whether to retain the Residential district for the mainly isolated parcels surrounded by agricultural land or to change their designation to an Agricultural district. The review will continue at the February meeting. Commissioners were asked to physically view the Bean City Road, Meartz Road, and Kanaman Road area to determine future land use designations. Additionally commissioners are to review the portion of the map designated Hamlet (Readfield) to determine areas to be designated residential and commercial.

New Business

There was a brief informal discussion about changing the Planning Commission meeting night from the first Monday of each month to the second Monday. The community center is open on that evening. There was no opposition, and this action may be taken in the future.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Action Items from the January meeting

  • Marv will recontact Jessica Beckendorf for charts based on the results of the resident survey completed in 2017.

  • Commissioners will physically view the Bean City Road, Meartz Road, and Kanaman Road area to determine future land use designations

  • Commissioners will review parcels in the proposed preferred land use map designated Hamlet (Readfield) to determine areas to be designated residential and commercial.

  • Commissioners should review chapter 4 of the Comprehensive Plan in preparation for discussion during an upcoming meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen R.  Adams, Recording Secretary

Upcoming meetings – 5:30 p.m. at Readfield Elementary School

February 4, 2019

March 4, 2019*

April 1, 2019*

* Date & location may change

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