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Planning Commission Minutes
Jun 05, 2017


Planning Commission – June 5, 2017

Town of Caledonia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin


Commissioners present: Helen Adams, Bill Fitzpatrick, Ivan Gruetzmacher, Kim Miller, Marvin Schneider

Also present: Paula Pagel,Town Chairperson, Nick Vande Burgt, Dan Katch, Bob Vollendorf, and Ron Petit.


Chairperson Marvin Schneider called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and noted that the required public notice for the meeting was posted. The agenda was approved 5-0. The minutes of the May 8, 2017 Planning Commission were approved, 5-0.


Conditional Use Permit for Parcel 02-23-43-31

Nick Vande Burgt, partner of Zebediah Bayer in B & B Basements, described their plan for the parcel. They are building a 40 X 60 building for equipment storage with a gravel parking lot. There will be no residence on the property. It was noted that the driveway may need to be expanded for commercial use, so it would be prudent to contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


Ivan Gruetzmacher moved to recommend to the Town Board approval of the conditional use permit (CUP) for B & B Basements for parcel 02-23-43-31, with recommendations of no outside storage, lighting considerate of its residential neighbors, and an evergreen buffer. Kim Miller seconded. Motion approved 5-0.


CSM Approval: Ron Petit, Whispering Winds Land Division

Ron Petit, developer of the Whispering Winds Subdivision, explained that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation created a plan for a frontage road when Highway 45 was planned to be a double-lane highway. The State’s plan has changed with a roundabout to be added at the intersection of Highways 96 and 45. Instead of the DOT building the frontage road to reach potential commercial parcels, Ron will be constructing the road and dedicating it to the town.  

Kim Miller moved to recommend the CSM for a land division creating an outlot to be used for a road connecting South Crosswinds Drive to North Crosswinds Drive. Ivan Gruetzmacher seconded. Motion approved 5-0.


Whispering Winds Outbuilding Question

Bob Vollendorf purchased a lot in Whispering Winds Subdivision and has obtained a land use permit. Prior to construction of his house in spring 2018, he would like to build an outbuilding for tool storage. Waupaca County Planning and Zoning Department has no objection to the outbuilding construction, nor does the subdivision have a covenant against this action. Commissioners offered no objections; after obtaining a building permit, Mr. Vollendorf can proceed with the construction of the outbuilding.


Review Comprehensive Plan Survey Questions

Following the return of the draft survey questions with evaluative comments by Jessica Beckendorf, commissioners discussed her recommended changes and reached consensus on the final questions. Helen Adams will make the revisions based on the discussion and send the resulting draft to Marv Schneider for forwarding to Jessica who will create the survey document. Jessica will return the survey document to commissioners for one final review prior to printing and placing it online.

Commissioners discussed when the finalized survey should be available to town residents, and it was agreed that the survey should be mailed and accessible online by August 15. The Town newsletter will be sent shortly after Labor Day and will contain a notice urging residents to provide their input by completing the survey. if they have not already done so.


Comprehensive Plan Review of Chapter 2

Commissioners analyzed tables, discussed population changes, and created revised text for tables on pages 2-2 through 2-4. The work will continue at the July meeting. 


New Business

The Center for Land Use Education/UW-Extension and the Waupaca County Planning and Zoning Department have scheduled training for Planning Commission members on June 6th and 8th. Commissioners discussed attending these educational opportunities.


The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


Action Item for the July meeting

  • Beginning with Figure 2.2, page 2-5, each commissioner will continue the review of the Chapter 2 updated tables from the Caledonia Comprehensive Plan, look for important changes, and bring points for discussion at the next meeting. During the meeting, commissioners will create updated paragraphs to correspond with each table.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


Helen R. Adams, Recording Secretary          


Upcoming meetings – 5:30 p.m. at Readfield Elementary School

July 10, 2017

August 7, 2017

September 11, 2017

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