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Selected Plan Commission Minutes
Planning Commission Minutes
Oct 02, 2017


Planning Commission – October 2, 2017

Town of Caledonia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin


Commissioners present: Helen Adams, Bill Fitzpatrick, Kim Miller, Marvin Schneider

Absent: Ivan Gruetzmacher

Also present: Pat Lewis, Vance Knuth


Chairperson Marvin Schneider called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and noted that the required public notice for the meeting was posted. The agenda was approved 4-0. The minutes of the August 7, 2017 Planning Commission were approved, 4-0. The minutes of the September 11, 2017 Planning Commission were approved, 4-0.


Land Use Permit/Conditional Use Permit (Commercial Animal Facility-Dogs): Pat Lewis

Pat Lewis, residing at N529 Klemp Road, submitted an application for a conditional use permit for a commercial animal facility-dogs. She has been breeding dogs as a hobby for 29 years. Because she intends to sell over 25 puppies per year, she now needs a state license, a land use permit, and a conditional use permit. She has 13 adult breeding dogs and will raise shih-tsu, bichon-frise, and French bulldogs. All puppies will be sold as pets. She has five heated indoor and five outdoor runs with fencing. Dog waste is disposed of in an onsite pit.


Bill Fitzpatrick moved to recommend approval of the Conditional Use Permit for Pat Lewis for a Commercial Animal Facility-Dogs with 4 conditions: 1) The conditional use permit does not transfer with the land or business when the land is sold; 2) Waupaca County personnel conduct an annual review of the facility/business granted the conditional use permit for Commercial Animal Facility-Dogs and that a county official make an annual onsite visit; 3) Recommend that a cap of no more than 30 puppies and 13 breeding adult dogs be onsite at any time; and 4) The owner/operator of the Commercial Animal Facility-Dogs meets Wisconsin Department of Agriculture dog breeding license requirements. Kim Miller seconded the motion. Motion approved 4-0.


Review Proposed Modification of Town Preferred Land Use Map

Commissioners reviewed the modified draft Town preferred land use map and found that the majority of the map was denoted as an agriculture land use district and resource protection. Commissioners also noted that several areas currently zoned rural residential and many forestry areas were not found on the new map. Commissioners questioned the specific zoning districts under each preferred land use, and the definitions of the five new preferred land use districts (agriculture, residential, commercial, industrial, and public/institutional) are unknown. Because of the many questions, commissioners agreed to invite Ryan Brown, director of the Waupaca County Planning and Zoning Department, to the November 13th meeting.


Discuss Plan revision process and continue review

There was insufficient time for commissioners to continue analyzing tables and creating revised text in chapter 2 of the Comprehensive Plan. Marv Schneider will review the remaining Chapter 2 tables and figures checking for those without updated information. He will send requests for current information for those to Jessica Beckendorf. The work will continue at the November meeting. 


Update Survey Results

No preliminary survey results were available from Jessica Beckendorf, Waupaca Count UW-Extension Community Educator.


Planning Commission Meeting Dates

Because of known absences of several Planning Commission members, the November meeting was changed from November 6 to November 13. The December meeting date was also changed from December 4th to December 11th.


The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


Action Items from the October meeting

  • Marv Schneider will invite Ryan Brown to the November 13th meeting to answer questions about the draft Town of Caledonia preferred land use map.
  • Marv Schneider will review the remaining tables and figures in the town’s comprehensive plan and send requests for updated data to Jessica Beckendorf who will attempt to obtain additional information.
  • Commissioners will create a more efficient comprehensive plan revision process that may include meeting outside of their monthly meetings.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


Helen R. Adams, Recording Secretary          


Upcoming meetings – 5:30 p.m. at Readfield Elementary School

November 13, 2017

December 11, 2017

January 8, 2017

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