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Planning Commission Minutes
Aug 06, 2018



Planning Commission – August 6, 2018

Town of Caledonia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin

Commissioners present: Helen Adams, Bill Fitzpatrick, Ivan Gruetzmacher, Kimberly Miller, Marv Schneider,

Also present: Paula Pagel (Town Chairperson), Jessica Kroening, James Leland, Nanette Leland, Erich Korth

Commissioner Marv Schneider called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and noted that the required public notice for the meeting was posted. The agenda was approved 5-0. The minutes of the July 2, 2018 Planning Commission were approved 5-0.

Zoning Map Amendment, N230 Thornberry Ct (James & Nanette Leland)

James Leland described his application for a zoning map amendment on an eleven acre parcel (02-36-44-2) located at N230 Thornberry Court. The land is currently zoned Ag Retention (AR), but the Leland’s are applying to amend the zoning to Rural Residential (RR). According to a sketch provided by the Leland’s, they want to divide the parcel into three parcels of 2.2. 2.2, and 6.6 acres respectively. Under AR, the parcel has one development right for ten acres; and by changing the zoning, they will gain additional development rights. The Leland’s plan to build a home on one 2.2 acre parcel, and a daughter would build a home on the second 2.2 acre lot. The Leland’s want to continue using the remaining land for agriculture, which is not a permitted use in Rural Residential. Therefore, in addition to the zoning change application, they are also seeking a conditional use permit for agricultural land use under Rural Residential. According to Jason Snyder, Waupaca County Zoning Administrator, the Leland’s could obtain one conditional use permit. Commissioners questioned whether three conditional use permits would be needed, one for each divided parcel.

In reviewing the zoning map amendment application, it was noted that the Town’s current preferred land use map shows the eleven acre parcel as Rural Residential; however, the Planning Commission is in the process of reviewing the Town’s preferred land use for the parcel and determined that it should remain in the agriculture district. The decision was made on the basis of the parcel being more than ten acres, although the updated land use map has not been officially approved. Alternately, if the zoning map amendment were made from Ag Retention to Ag Woodland Transition (AWT), development rights would be obtained, but the Town’s Preferred Land Use Map must be amended. However, agriculture is a permitted use, and no conditional use permit would be required. As part of their decision-making process, the Leland’s should consider the differences in fee costs.


A substantial issue for the Leland land division is providing a 66 foot wide access off a public road (Highway W) for each of the prospective parcels. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) determines access on this portion of Highway W because of its proximity to State Highway 45. James Leland contacted the DOT for additional access, but there has been no response. He was advised to contact the DOT again and stress that the original plan for Highway 45 changed substantially. He should request three access points for his proposed land divisions.

Commissioners feel that the zoning change and conditional use permit details can be worked out. Marv Schneider will clarify with the county whether one or three conditional use permits are required. The major hurdle for the Leland’s is obtaining from the DOT a 66 foot wide direct access for each of the three lots from a public road. No residents within 300 feet of the property attended the meeting. The Leland’s requested placement on the September Planning Commission agenda.

Zoning Map Amendment, N2068 Sleepy Lane (Jessica Kroening)

Jessica Kroening is the prospective buyer of the 5.2 acre parcel (02-08-11-5) located at N2068 Sleepy Lane. The land is currently zoned Rural Residential, but Mrs. Kroening is applying to amend the zoning map from Rural Residential (RR) to Agriculture, Woodland Transition (AWT) to allow the addition of chickens for egg production and two horses for personal use without obtaining a conditional use permit. She supplied a packet of information describing her family’s plan for the housing and caring for the chickens (10-12 heritage breed laying hens with annual hatching of chicks) and future horses, placement of the chicken coop and future barn, and composting options.

In reviewing the zoning map amendment application, it was noted that the Town’s current preferred land use map shows the 5.2 acre parcel as Agriculture, Woodland Transition (AWT). However, the Planning Commission is in the process of reviewing the Town’s preferred land use for the parcel and determined that it should be in the Rural Residential district (RR). As a result, commissioners did not support the zoning map amendment.

One neighbor spoke in opposition to the addition of chickens and horses to the property. Since he moved to his home on Sleepy Lane twelve years ago, many neighbors have acquired chickens and horses, and he doesn’t want to “live next to a farm.” He purchased the property because of its rural residential nature.

The Planning Commission did not take action on the Kroening zoning map amendment application. Instead, Mrs. Kroening will withdraw the application for a zoning map amendment and apply for a conditional use permit for chickens and up to two horses. It was noted that the application for a conditional use permit requires notification of residents within 300 feet and a public hearing.

In final comments, commissioners noted that more residents living on land zoned Rural Residential are applying for conditional use permits for horses. Planning Commission members must carefully consider the conditions recommended with each application.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Action Items from the August meeting

  • Marv Schneider will clarify with county zoning officials the number of conditional use permits required for the Leland land division.

  • Commissioners will continue to use the zoning map and the draft future land use map to determine whether less than 5 acre parcels should be designated as a residential district or an agricultural district. Commissioners should consider the rationale for retaining Rural Residential-designated parcels when they are surrounded by agricultural land.

  • Commissioners will review parcels in the proposed preferred land use map designated Hamlet (Readfield) to determine areas to be designated residential and commercial.

  • Commissioners should review chapter 4 of the Comprehensive Plan in preparation for discussion during an upcoming meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Helen R.  Adams, Recording Secretary

Upcoming meetings – 5:30 p.m. at Readfield Elementary School

September 10, 2018

October 1, 2018

November 5, 2018

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