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Town Board Agenda
Jan 16, 2017



Town Board Meeting – January 16, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.


Call meeting to order and pledge of allegiance


This meeting and all meetings of the Town Board are open to the public.  Per Wisconsin State Statutes, proper notice has been posted with the time, place and agenda of the meeting. 


PUBLIC FORUM (Limited to five minutes – non repetitive matters) Pursuant to WI State Statutes 19.83(2) and 19.84(2), the public may present matters.However, they may not be acted upon until specific notice of the subject matter is properly posted.  No action can be taken on any Public Forum item presented.



  1. Approve minutes of the regular Town Board Meeting of December 19, 2016


2.      Change town board meeting date for February – February 27, 2017


  1. Approve Building Permit Report

·         Implementation of Act 211 Electronic Building Permit System


  1. Resolution 2017-12-01 – Resolution to Appoint Plan Commissioners 2017 - 2020


5.      Resolution 2017-12-02-A Resolution To Acknowledge Service of Webb Shaw


6.       Resolution 2017 -01-03 A Resolution To Acknowledge Service of Katie Shaw


  1. Driveway Permits


  1. Payment of bills & payroll expenses



  1. Treasurer’s Report

·         Cash Balance & Deposit Report

·         Tax collection update


  1. Clerk’s Report

·         SVRS reporting


  1. Road Report

·         Approve and sign Jerel contract

·         Ivan Gruetzmacher donation

ü  Resolution 2017-01-04 Resolution to accept Land Donation

ü  Letter of thanks

·         Farmer’s right-of-way issues

·         Meeting with Faulks Bros.

·         Review and approve amended 2017 road plan


  1. CEC Report

·         Bathroom update

·         Park plan update

·         Marketing plan update


  1. County Supervisor Report

·         How did you vote on the equipment budget?

·         What is the Highway Enterprise Fund?

           Explain your "no" vote on the Waupaca County Budget




·         PC Vacancy Position

ü  Resignation of Webb Shaw


·         CEC Report and Park Plan update



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