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Latest Town Board Minutes
Board of Review Minutes
May 09, 2018

Town of Caledonia, Waupaca County

Board of Review Proceedings

May 9, 2018

BOR Members present: Paula Pagel, Vance Knuth, Natalie Snyder and (alternate) Karen Kopitzke. Bill Abba was absent and excused.

Assessor Larry Preuss present

Pagel opened the Board of Review meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. She directed the Clerk to turn on the recorder. She confirmed that the BOR is a reviewing authority and that decisions are based solely on evidence presented relating to values of property, not taxes. She noted that by law the basis of deliberations presume the correctness of the Assessor and can only be changed when overwhelming testimony is presented to overturn that presumption.

The Clerk took a roll call to verify attendance. Paula Pagel, Vance Knuth, Natalie Snyder, and Karen Kopitzke were present. Bill Abba was absent and excused.

Knuth moved to nominate Pagel as Chairperson of the BOR and the motion passed unanimously.

The Chairman noted that the Clerk is a voting member of the BOR and the assessor is not. The Clerk confirmed that 2 BOR members – Paula Pagel, and Natalie Snyder – completed certified training in 2017 and Paula Pagel completed certified training in 2018.

The Chairperson requested a motion to appoint Treasurer Kopitzke as a voting alternative member to the BOR. Motion made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

The Clerk confirmed that notices announcing Open Book and BOR were posted on April 3, 2018  in all of the required locations plus being published in the newspaper in the April 12, 2018 publication.

The Clerk confirmed she received the official roll book from the Assessor prior to the Board of Review.

The Assessor confirmed he certified the accuracy of the roll book and has turned it over to the Clerk.

The Assessor confirmed the level of assessment is 100% of fair market value as determined by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

The Clerk was asked if there were any objections. The Clerk confirmed there were no objections.

The meeting was adjourned after 2 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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