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Town Board Minutes
Oct 15, 2018

Town Board Meeting

October 15, 2018



The full town board and 12 others were in attendance


Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7pm.



A resident raised concerns about the flags along Hwy 96 that are tattered and in poor shape. Supervisor Knuth will handle.


A resident raised concerns about pot holes on town roads. Supervisor Abba responded that he is well aware of pot holes, they will be taken care of yet this year, and that recent rainfalls have delayed that final piece of the town’s road maintenance for this year.



The minutes of the Town Board Meeting of September 17, 2018 were approved. The minutes of Special Town Board Meeting September 26, 2018 were approved.


Building Inspector’s Report:

Motion to approve the building inspector report. Motion carried.


Fire Chief Emmons reported on Fire and Rescue.


Driveway Permits: None


Payment of Bills and Expenses: Authorized checks 12066-12095 & 2 Epays for $39,910.63 subject to audit.



Resolutions 2018-10-01, 2018-10-02, and 2018-10-03 were approved for a Zoning Amendment, CUP, and CSM for Leland/Hwy W.

Resolution 2018-10-04 was approved for a CSM for Mukwa LLC


Gold Cross Ambulance Subsidy contract was approved. The town will request additional information from the Fremont Ambulance to justify their price increase.




Clerk’s Report:

Absentee voting continues for the November 6 election. If you’re mailing a request for an absentee ballot, be sure to include photo ID as no ballot will be issued without Photo ID.

Caledonia Town Board positions will be up for election on the April 2019 ballot. Legal postings will be in the paper soon.

2 Operator Licenses for Hunter’s were approved.  


Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances on September 30, 2018 of:

Money market account: $115,172.07

Now Checking: $7,310.94

Now Tax Checking $55,647.69

CD1: $17,370.99

For a total of: $195,501.69

Motion to approve subject to audit. Motion carried.


Road Report:

Supervisor Abba reported

Letters requesting reimbursement for the 50/50 cost share on the Cut-off Rd culvert will be sent.

Resident raised concerns about drainage issue on Cane Rd. Situation is being looked at.

All road work for the year has been completed other than the pot hole filling.


Property Report:

With the absence of the town maintenance employee, Supervisor Knuth will handle removal of the tattered flags along Hwy 96.

A new vacuum was purchased for the community center, light bulbs were changed out, and the outdoor restrooms will be closed up for winter.


County Supervisor Report:

Supervisor Bosquez reported that the public hearing for the county budget will be held October 30, 2018. The vote on the budget will be held the following week.

He also reported that he attended a conference to update training on topics such as mining, human trafficking, and budgeting.


Committee Reports:

Mining Ad Hoc Committee has their first meeting scheduled.

Marketing: Star Communication is seeking locations for internet equipment. Watch the newsletter for more information.


Meeting adjourned at 8:27


Respectfully Submitted,

Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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