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Special Town Board Meeting
Dec 12, 2018



Wednesday, December 12, 2018 – 10am


The full town board was in attendance. No others were in attendance.

The town board discussed:

  1. Due to a resignation from the current employee who handles the community center/pavilion rental and reservations, the board discussed a new policy and how to transition from the current process to the new process. Clerk Snyder will put the new processes on the website and handle reservations and rentals moving forward. Supervisor Knuth will handle post-rental/reservation inspections and clean up. Chairperson Pagel will write the request the resignation letter and key return.

  2. The current town website is outdated and the website hosting company no longer automatically updates the website. They will only do auto updates and allow credit card payments with the upgraded website. The cost for the new website is $500 and the board has previously authorized that. Clerk Snyder is looking for specifics of what logo, images, and information should be on the new website. It would be ideal if the town logo would also work for liquor licenses, letterhead, future town signage, and everywhere a logo would be used. It was agreed we’d move ahead with the new website using temporary images and the CEC’s marketing group would review logo details to make a recommendation to the town.

  3. Discussed community center estimates for painting, flooring, and hand dryers. It was agreed that Supervisor Knuth should get one more painting estimate, one more flooring estimate, and an estimate for one contractor doing both paint and flooring before a decision is made.

  4. Supervisor Knuth discussed the cost of improvement items and suggested the town should have a credit card to cover the cost of large items. Clerk Snyder agreed with Supervisor Knuth, saying it’s necessary to find a way to pay for town items without using personal money and being reimbursed. Treasurer Kopitzke will contact the bank to see how town’s handle this issue.

  5. Clerk Snyder requested that the town board consider a process to back up the clerk in 2020. With a significant increase in time-sensitive work over the past two years, it’s difficult to find times during 4-election years to schedule vacations without missing deadlines. The clerk position is part time, so Clerk Snyder feels it is important that someone else be available to handle posting legal notices, absentee voting, or other time-sensitive work in her absence. No solutions were proposed, but the town board will review how other towns handle this situation.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie Snyder


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