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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Minutes
Dec 18, 2017

Town Board Meeting

December 18, 2017



Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance along with 11 others.



Josh Werner from Waupaca Online spoke regarding bringing broadband to underserved areas in Caledonia. Waupaca Online is a fixed wireless internet solution that’s been operating in the City of Waupaca and surrounding areas for 15 years. To start the process, Waupaca Online is looking for areas in the town where internet is most lacking along with people who have tall silos, buildings, or towers where a piece of equipment could be installed. The town board will continue to work with Waupaca Online.


A resident complained about over-plowing the roads. Supervisor Abba explained the plowing strategy.


A resident complained about the attention and money that’s been put into ditching around the roads. Supervisor Abba explained why ditches are critical to road maintenance.



Minutes: The minutes of the Regular Budget Hearing, Elector’s Meeting, and Town Board meeting held November 20, 2017 were approved. The minutes of the Special Meeting on December 6, 2017 were approved.


Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances on November 30, 2017 of:

Money market account: $117,141.57

Now Checking: $97,320.12

Now Tax Checking $47,902.61

CD1: $9609.44

For a total of: $271,973.74

Supervisor Abba moved to approve subject to audit. Motion carried.


Building Inspector’s Report:

Supervisor Abba moved to approve the building permit report of

E9451 Kanaman          solar panels                  $54,321

Motion carried


Driveway Permits:



Payment of Bills and Expenses:

            Supervisor Abba moved to authorize 1 E-pay and checks 11745-11777 for $172,629.15. Motion carried.


Supervisor Abba moved to approve the WE Energies annual permit. Motion carried.


Chairperson Pagel moved to approve Resolution 2017-12-01- a Resolution Authorizing 2018 Roadway Fee for Woodland Hill Subdivision. Motion carried. Chairperson Pagel moved to have the roadway fee recorded on deeds for vacant lots in Woodland Hills Subdivision phase 1 so that the assessment is disclosed when a buyer purchases the land instead of only when a buyer pulls a building permit. Motion carried.




Clerk Report:

Supervisor Abba moved to approve Resolution 2017-12-07 to appoint election inspectors for 2018-2019. Motion carried.

Signatures were attained for the WisVote Certification and Confidentiality Agreement and the Voting System Agreement.


Road Report:

Supervisor Abba discussed the updated 2018 road maintenance plan and budget updates.


Renaming Roads: Department of Transportation’s Town Road #62 will be named Pine Valley Lane. Town Road #62, old Hwy H behind the Post Office, also needs to be renamed. Supervisor Abba will take suggestions for the next month and the name will be finalized at the January town board meeting.


Road Recertification Report and Paser Rating Report have been completed, submitted, and the submission has been accepted.


Property Report:

Supervisor Knuth will look at the outdoor sign lighting.


County Supervisor Report:

There was a discussion of county budget/news. The Caledonia Board again requested that the county re-deploy county resources to re-prioritize public safety as the #1 priority.


CEC Report:

The Park Committee continues to proceed with the perimeter trail around the park and school. The New London School District School Board is supportive of the trail and will be discussing it at the January board meeting.


The Marketing Committee plans to launch a Caledonia Facebook page in 2018.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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