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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Minutes
Feb 20, 2017

Town Board Meeting

February 20, 2017




Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance along with 7 others.



            New London School Board candidate John Heideman spoke.



Minutes: The minutes of the regular Town Board meeting held January 19, 2016 were approved.


Building Inspector’s Report:

            Rawhide, E7475 Rawhide Rd, Alterations, $25,000

            Ray Bosshart, N2314 Meatz Rd, New Home, $300,000


            Supervisor Abba moved to approve. Motion carried.


Resolution 2017-02-01 – Resolution to Appoint Plan Commissioner, Bill Fitzpatrick

Supervisor Abba moved to approve. Motion carried.


Resolution 2017-02-02 – A Resolution to Recommend CUP for broadband tower

            Abba moved to approve. Motion carried.


Resolution 2017-02-04 – A Resolution to Adopt the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

            Abba moved to approve. Motion carried.


Driveway Permits:



Payment of Bills and Expenses:

            Pagel moved to approve payment of checks11418-11445 for $45,470. Motion carried.


Pagel presented information on the Independent Assessors Association.

            Discussion was tabled until next month to allow time to discuss with Pruess Appraisal Services, the company that provides assessing services to the town.




Treasurer Report:


Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances of:


Money market account: 121,473.85

Now Checking: $4,853.91

Now Tax Checking $805,209.76

CD1: $9,587.91

CD2: $5812.88


Pagel moved to accept. Motion carried.


Clerk Report:

When voting, be prepared for the room to look different. The election set up is being changed to accommodate exiting through the rear door for better handicap accessibility.

Resolution 2017-02-03 – Resolution to Approve PC meeting posting policy.

            Supervisor Knuth moved to accept. Motion carried.


Road Report:

Superviser Abba reported vandalism on the Ernst Rd stop signs.

Brush cutting has been completed, improving visibility in intersections.

Snow plowing expenses have been higher this year than last year, largely due to the winter rain/ice storms. We will probably stay on budget, but spend the entire snow plow budget.

Weight limits are in effect.

New road is being added in the Whispering Winds subdivision.

Memorandum of Understanding for the Waupaca County Sheriff so they are able to enforce Class B and spring weight limits within the township.

There is one State Patrol weight enforcement position per county. Our county State Patrol is vacant and has been for some time. What can be done to get that filled?


CEC Report:

The outdoor restroom is ready for spring construction. $1,100 still needs to be raised.

The Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan was adopted tonight. The CEC will work to prioritize and implement the plan.

There will be a Marketing Plan meeting on Wednesday, February 22.

Any residents interested in joining are welcome to attend.


County Supervisor Report:


County Supervisor Kietzmann was absent from the meeting.


As follow up from last month, Pagel reported that she talked to Kietzmann regarding his “No” vote on the Waupaca County Budget. Kieztmann was concerned that it was too much money into the drugs program to combat the heroin/meth epidemic. Pagel said she asked him if he voted based on concern voiced by residents; Kieztmann said that no residents had contacted him with concerns.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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