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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Meeting MInutes
Jul 17, 2017
PDF Version: 53370_2017-Jul-17_Town Board Meeting MInutes.pdf

Town Board Meeting

July 17, 2017



Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance along with 12 others.



Chris Martinsen of the New London School District School Board came to speak.

·         The district has a new superintendent

·         The Readfield Elementary School roof will be completed this summer and that wraps up the roof repairs from the referendum

·         FFA Program got a new teacher a year ago. Enrollment in the program is up significantly this year.

·         There was a 1 time $300K due to a TID closing .That was put into a capital improvement fund and used to retire debt

·         Overall enrollment in the NLSD is declining.



Minutes: The minutes of the regular Town Board meeting on June 19, 2017 were approved.


Building Inspector’s Report:

Supervisor Abba moved to approve the building permit report of

N950 Tamarack           Egress Window                        $3,500

E9377 Justin Tr                        New home                   $395,592

E9102 State Rd 96       Deck                            $7,000

N723 Weiland Rd        Shed                            $10,000

E8126 Weiland Rd       17 KW Ser                   $3,600

E7540 North Landing  Manufactured Home    $110,000

Motion carried


Fireworks Permit: Supervisor Knuth moved to approve the Fireworks Permit for the Price Family Reunion contingent on receipt of a copy of certificate of insurance with minimum coverage of $300K/accident and $500K/occurrence. Motion carried.


Driveway Permits:

            Drive permit for Marsh Rd was approved


Payment of Bills and Expenses:

            Supervisor Abba moved to authorize 2 E-pays and checks 11586-11630 for $71,414.49. Motion carried.



Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances on June 33, 2017 of:

Money market account: $52,297.46

Now Checking: $11,046.82

Now Tax Checking $267,568.87

CD1: $9,595.00

For a total of: $340,508.15

Supervisor Pagel moved to accept. Motion carried.


Clerk Report:

Clerk Snyder requested approval to order the new ImageCast Ballot Scanning Tabulator for delivery and training this fall and payment January 2018. Supervisor Pagel moved to approve the $9150 expense for delivery in 2017 and payment in 2018. Motion carried.


Road Report:

Supervisor Abba thanked Chris Bucklin (Go Green Quarry) for the donation of removal of the pine trees in the park and all he donates and discounts for the town.


Abba reported that the full mow didn’t happen when originally scheduled due to wetness and water in the ditches. The full mow is starting now and that should help control the wild parsnip. The county has a spray truck for this purpose; next year the town may consider a full mow and spray to try to get the spread of wild parsnip under control.


Bean City S-Curve: there is already a sign when heading north, but there will be a sign added when heading southbound. There will be an advisory for a slower speed limit to attempt to slow people down for safety.


There are continued issues on the Weiland Rd right-of-way where a resident has private property in the right-of-way. The resident has been spoken to and is amenable to moving the property. A follow up letter will be sent.


County Road W update: The final phase of construction should start the first week of August, weather depending.


Town road updates: Lietzke Rd survey starts next week, Gorges (reclaimed and double chip seal), Lietzke, and Schellin (single chip seal) will be completed either shortly before or shortly after Highway W. Klemp Rd will have continued patching as money allows when the other projects are complete.


Property Report:

Supervisor Knuth added a key box and other security measures. A special meeting will be held to discuss procedures with keys/security and outdoor restroom protocol. It is important to have the groundskeepers in attendance, so the meeting will be scheduled based on their schedule.


CEC Report:

Outdoor restroom: final accounting will be completed once all bills are in

Park Plan Update: the group met in June, subdivided into groups, and will have another meeting soon to work towards finalizing the park plan

Marketing Plan Update: A marketing profile is in progress.


County Supervisor Report:

There was a discussion of county budget/news. The Caledonia Board requested that the county re-deploy county resources to re-prioritize public safety as the #1 priority.


Other Discussion Items:

Planning Commission Survey: This important survey is the basis for the comprehensive plan update and the future plans of the town. A paper copy will be mailed to everyone, a link will be on the website, and a reminder will be in the Fall Newsletter.


Rural Fire Committee Meeting/First Responders in New London Fire Department: There is a concern about the New London Fire Department not allowing fire responders to be trained as First Responders. There will be a meeting to discuss the reasoning behind this policy and concerns about a shortage of First Responders.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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