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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Meeting
Jun 19, 2017
PDF Version: 53148_2017-Jun-19_Town Board Meeting.pdf

Town Board Meeting
June 19, 2017
Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance along with 10 others.
A resident commented how great it is to see all the kids playing ball while parents and grandparents watched. DMR Youth Baseball is a great asset to our town.
Minutes: The minutes of the regular Town Board meeting on May 15, 2017, Special Meeting on April 3, 2017, Special Meeting on May 24, 2017, and the Board of Review on June 6, 2017 were approved.
CSM: Pagel moved to approve Ron Petit’s Whispering Winds Crosswind Rd Certified Survey Map. Motion carried.
Conditional Use Permit: Pagel moved to approve the Conditional Use Permit for parcel 02-23-43-31 on State Road 96. Motion carried.
Building Inspector’s Report:
Supervisor Abba moved to approve (with the caveat of watching the use of the 400 amp service) the building permit report of
N1236 County Rd W: exterior alterations valued at $20,000
E9181 State Road 96: outdoor restrooms at Caledonia Community Park, valued at $30,000
E9657 Brehmer Rd: 400 amp service valued at $2,300
N2396 Bean City Rd: 200 amp service valued at $2,845
Motion carried
Supervisor Knuth moved to approve Codified Ordinance 2:6.1-1 relating to Confidentiality – Assessor. Motion carried.
Knuth moved to approve Codified Ordinance 2:6.1-2 relating to appointing alternate members to Board of Review. Motion carried.
Driveway Permits:
Pagel moved to approve 4 driveway permits at Whispering Winds, Kanaman, Justin Trail, and Cut-Off Road. Motion carried.
Discussion regarding increasing the cost of a driveway permit to include the cost of a fire number sign.
Payment of Bills and Expenses:
Chairperson Pagel moved to approve payment of checks 11547-11585 for $28,528.86. Motion carried.
Treasurer Report:
Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances on May 31, 2017 of:
Money market account: $62,117.29
Now Checking: $25,670.65
Now Tax Checking $267,436.98
CD1: $9,595.00
CD2: $0
Pagel moved to accept. Motion carried.
Clerk Report:
Abba moved to approve Liquor, Cigarette, and Operator Licenses for Hunter’s Sports Bar, Weiland’s Landing, and Readfield Gun Club. Motion carried.
Pagel moved to approve the liquor license as presented for Rich’s in Readfield, with caveats in case of a sale of the property in 2017. Motion carried
Road Report:
In the recent storm we had 3 lines go down and 5 trees in roads. All were cleared up with 24 hours.
Weiland Rd has an issue with “encroachment on to road.” Supervisor Abba will bring a letter to the July meeting for approval to send.
Gorges Rd rebuild is scheduled to begin June 20, 2017. Brehmer Rd ditching east of Lietzke and Guhl Rd will take place in a few weeks.
The right-of-way mow back will be a single pass instead of the intended full mow-back that was planned to help combat wild parsnip. The wetness in the ditches prevents the full mow-back at this time; however, the second pass will happen in a few weeks if the ground is dry enough.
A resident raised concerns about safety on Bean City Rd because there are frequently children and deer in the road near the S-curve. The Town is working with the county on adding appropriate signage for that stretch of road.
Property Report:
Supervisor Knuth reported that the AC unit has been installed.
CEC Report:
The outdoor restroom project is nearly complete, other than the liquid soap dispensers. The Port-a-Potty will be removed this week.
The park plan sub-committee is meeting on June 29 to finalize a park plan with the priority of applying for grants to complete the perimeter walking trails within the park.
The marketing sub-committee has marketing plans from the FVTC and is now making a marketing profile.
County Supervisor Report:
Supervisor Kietzman reported that the Highway Initiative got a pick-up truck from the Home that he believes they intend to use for a portable scale for enforcing weight limits. The county will be working on the budget from now until November.
Other Discussion Items:
The Lions Club Chicken BBQ is this Sunday, June 25.
Thank you to the Community Club for the donation of a new flag pole and flag.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:48 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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