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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Minutes
Mar 20, 2017
PDF Version: 52151_2017-Mar-20_Town Board Minutes.pdf

 Town Board Meeting

March 20, 2017




Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance along with 16 residents.




A resident requested an actual 7-day traffic count at the 45/96 intersection. They had concerns that the current counts under-represent the actual traffic as counts weren’t done during busy traffic times. The board will consider this recommendation.


A resident inquired about the process for the AT&T cell tower. The process of approval starts at the town for recommendations before moving to the county for a final decision.


Zion Lutheran Church on Marsh Rd, a fixture in the community for 155 years, spoke to thank the town and county for allowing them to update their signage using the state’s white arrow program. They requested to be kept in mind for future partnership opportunities with special events or programs.


A resident inquired why spring weight limit signs are on roads where they’d never been before. In the past, Hwy W had spring weight limits. The Hwy W weight limits prevented access to town roads. With the removal of spring weight limits on Hwy W, those roads now need weight limit signage.


A resident asked to have minutes left in the town hall mailbox for them to pick up monthly. Clerk Snyder said that minutes will be posted on the website and board outside of Town Hall according to posting requirements. She will not accommodate special requests for delivery to individuals on an ongoing basis.




The minutes of the regular Town Board meeting held February 20, 2017 were approved.


Building Inspector’s Report:



Jim Emmons reported that Dale is considering purchasing a new fire engine. Caledonia would be responsible for a portion of the costs associated with the engine.


Pagel moved to approve the use of Caledonia Park Ball Diamond for DMR Baseball League. Motion carried.


Driveway Permits:



Payment of Bills and Expenses:

            Supervisor Abba moved to approve payment of checks 11447-11479 for $32245.73. Motion carried.




Treasurer Report:


Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances of:


Money market account: 121,761.81

Now Checking: $2,008.62

Now Tax Checking $267,032.82

CD1: $9,587.91

CD2: $5812.88


Pagel moved to accept. Motion carried.


Reminder that dog licenses are due April 1. There is a late fee after that date.


Clerk Report:


Absentee voting is underway for the 04/04/2017 election.


The optical scanner (paper ballot) machine will no longer be able to be used after 2018. Clerk Snyder recommends replacing it with the ImageCast Evolution (ICE) machine at a cost of $8,200. This all-in-one machine would replace the touch screen and paper ballot machine currently in use. Benefits include one tally so humans don’t have to combine machine totals at the end of the night, one machine to store, one machine to test, and one machine to buy supplies and programming for. With just one machine, there would be saving of approximately $345 in programming costs for each election. Clerk Snyder requested that the board consider purchasing the machine in early 2018 so it can be used in the 2018 elections instead of waiting until the end of 2018 to purchase it.


Road Report:


Abba moved to approve Resolution 2017-03-01 To Support Waupaca County Law Enforcement. Motion carried.

This resolution is requesting that Karl Kietzman, County Board Representative for the district in which the town exists, represents the town’s desires to request re-prioritization of county funds to improve police force staffing to get to state average levels of staffing. Currently Waupaca County is staffed at 0.9 Officers per 1000 population vs the state average of 2.12 officers per 1000 population. Waupaca County ranks at 68 out of 72 in staffing level versus all out Counties in the State.


Abba reported that spring weight limits will likely be removed the week of April 3 – watch the website for notification.


Guhl Road improvements are moving forward. Waupaca County handled the engineering study and will also handle the surveying, saving the town significant costs on the project.


The vandalism of stop signs continues. It’s been in a localized area of town, so it’s possible it is a resident shooting the stop signs. A police report has been filed and the sheriff is aware of the situation. Replacing vandalized signs costs the town money. If you have any information about the crimes, please report it.


CEC Report:

Outdoor Restroom Update: $1100 in fundraising is still needed. The project is planned for this spring.

Park Plan Update: The park plan subcommittee will meet in April to prioritize and make action plans for park improvements including the walking trails.

Marketing Plan Update: There will be a formal presentation in May at FVTC.


Everyone is welcome at any CEC meeting.


County Supervisor Report:


Supervisor Kietzman reported that the Highway Department has been looking at buildings around the state to get ideas for their new building.


Lakeview Manor in Weyauwega has been closed. Beds were sold and the building is in the process of being rented or sold.


Pagel questioned where the money that used to be spent running Lakeview Manor will be allocated in the budget moving forward.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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