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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Meeting
May 15, 2017

Town Board Meeting

May 15, 2017




Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance along with 11 others.



A resident expressed concern about the CEC’s park plan indicating a new storage solution will be considered for DMR Baseball and other storage needs. The current storage was donated and that needs to be considered when replacing it.



Minutes: The minutes of the regular Town Board meeting on April 17, 2017 were approved as revised.


Lynn Graichen addressed the town regarding concerns about recycling blow-back. He said that it is a problem with recycling because it is not bagged and the loose light materials are prone to blowing. Plastic grocery bags are not recyclable and should not be in the recycling. Graichen has added cameras on the trucks so that drivers are more aware of when there are issues. They tried using a newer truck but that one had more issues with blow-back than their older trucks. Everywhere is experiencing the same issues with recycling blow-back and Graichen Sanitation is working to improve the situation. Contact them directly if you have concerns or complaints. They recommend putting recyclables in paper bags to try to reduce blow back.


Rezoning Request:

Chairperson Pagel moved to approve to rezone Parcels 02-23-43-31 and 02-23-43-30 on Hwy 96 to Rural Commercial zoning. Motion carried.


Building Inspector’s Report:

Supervisor Abba moved to approve the building permit report of

                        E9142 O’Connell Dr: New Construction valued at $315,000

                        N994 Pines Rd: Alteration valued at $22,000

Motion carried


Driveway Permits:



Payment of Bills and Expenses:

Chairperson Pagel moved to approve payment of checks 11521-11546 for $20,203.71. Motion carried.


A date of May 24 at 10am was set to discuss future tax levy and 5-year budget plan




Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances of:

Money market account: $82,094.39

Now Checking: $19,755.81

Now Tax Checking $267,291.99

CD1: $9,595.00

CD2: $0

Supervisor Knuth moved to accept. Motion carried.


Clerk Report:

Chairperson Pagel moved to accept the approval of a temporary liquor license for the MDR Lions Club Chicken Barbeque on June 25, 2017. Motion carried.


Road Report:

Hwy HH is currently closed at the railroad tracks for the duration of the week.


Weight limit enforcement update: There is an official agreement in place with the sheriff to enforce Town of Caledonia weight limits and enforcement will begin immediately.


The Town of Caledonia is working with Whispering Winds subdivision for signage consistency. Fire numbers are being aligned for clarity for the fire department in case of emergency.


Summer work project work orders were put before the board for Gorges Rd, Schellin Rd, Klemp Rd, and Lietzke Rd. The work order stay within the roads budget, so Chairperson Pagel moved to accept each of the work orders. Motions carried.


Thank you to Go Green Quarry for the discounted gravel to reduce roads costs.


Property Report:

Supervisor Knuth presented four proposals for a new air conditioning unit for the Community Center. The board reviewed the proposals and Chairperson Pagel moved to accept the proposal from Abby’s Heating & Cooling for a 3-ton AC unit. Motion carried.


CEC Report:

The outdoor restroom project is under construction and progressing nicely.


The park plan sub-committee is narrowing to 4 primary goals that are achievable. They’re also working to finalize a site plan. Grant applications for perimeter trails should be submitted yet this year.


The FVTC presented marketing plans for the town.


County Supervisor Report:

Supervisor Kietzman updated on progress on the Highway Initiative and Law Enforcement Initiatives. He will get information on the Hwy W construction project and update the town.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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