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Selected Town Board Minutes
Budget Hearing, Special Electors, and Town Board Meeting Minutes
Nov 20, 2017


Budget Hearing, Special Electors and Town Board Meeting

November 20, 2017



Called to order at 7 pm

The Town Board reviewed the proposed 2018 budget.

Electors stated that the Town Board did a good job explaining the budget and had no questions.

The budget hearing was adjourned at 7:20 pm



Called to order at 7:20

Ivan Grueztmacher moved to accept Electors 2017 Tax Levy-Resolution 2017-11-01. Dennis Greaving seconded.

21 electors + 5 board members voted Aye, 0 electors voted Nay, and 1 elector abstained from voting. Motion carried

The Special Electors Meeting was adjourned at 7:26 pm



Called to order at 7:26 pm


Public Forum:

A resident inquired about the cul de sac behind the post office because they have a naming suggestion. Supervisor Abba explained that research is being done in the situation and naming will be on the December or January agenda.


A resident inquired about the New London/Dale fire and ambulance protection coverage division line. Generally, north of the railroad tracks is New London fire and Gold Cross ambulance. South of the railroad tracks is Dale fire and Fremont ambulance. The Dale fire chief explained a few exceptions to this rule and those discrepancies will be investigated further.


Action Items:

Minutes of the regular Town Board meeting of October 16, 2017 and Special Meeting 10/31/2017 were approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Balances as of October 31, 2017

Money Market: $118,594.99

Now Checking: $7,950.09

Now Tax Checking: $47,888.83

CD 1: $9,609.44

CD 2: $0

Supervisor Knuth moved to approve the treasurer’s report subject to audit. Motion carried.


Building Permits:

E8442 Weiland Rd, Private Shed, $25,000

E9377 Gordon Rd, Private Shed, $30,000

E9250 Guhl Rd, 20KW Service

E9142 O’Connell Rd, Private Shed, $30,000

E9302 Magolski Rd, Workshop, $125,000

N1344 Cty Rd W, Bunker Rings, $213,000

E840 Ely Ln, New Home, $230,000

E8690 Marsh Rd, 100 Amp Service, $1,000

Supervisor Abba moved to approve the building inspectors report. Motion carried.


Chairperson Pagel moved to approve Resolution 2017-11-02 to approve borrowing to fund Caledonia’s share of the Dale fire truck. Motion carried.


Chairperson Pagel moved to approve Resolution 2017-11-04 to accept North/South Crosswinds Rd in Whispering Winds subdivision. Motion carried.


Supervisor Knuth moved to approve Resolution 2017-11-01 to set refuse & recycling curbside assessment rates for 2018.


Ordinance 2017-11-01 – Exemption from Treasurer’s Bond for Waupaca County tax collections was presented. Chairperson Pagel stated that she felt the town board has a fiduciary responsibility to the town to carry the bond even at the substantially increased cost to meet the new state requirements. No one moved to accept the ordinance. Pagel moved to renew the bond to meet the new requirements. Motion carried.


Supervisor Abba moved to adopt and approve the 2018 budget for operations of $564,660. Motion carried.


Supervisor Abba moved to approve the Conditional Use Permit – Animal Husbandry on Weiland Rd. Motion carried.


Supervisor Abba moved to approve payment of checks 11719-11744 for $19,879.04. Motion carried.


Clerks report: New election machine delivers in December for payment in January.


Road report: Upon complete investigation, the fence on Kanaman Rd is legal and there is not anything the town can do.

PACER ratings are completed and road certification progress is on track to be completed as required.

Ordinance enforcement resulted in multiple tickets written at values up to $2,500.

2017 road projects are complete except Klemp Rd is still being sealed.

60/40 brush cutting has been approved by county: Guhl Rd, Magolski, and Popeye will be completed in January.

50/50 culvert replacement for Cutoff Rd has been approved for 2018.


Property Report: Supervisor Knuth reported that the shelter and outdoor restroom are winterized and locked for the season


County Supervisor Report: Budget passed with 2 no votes; County tax will increase $6.80/$100,000 assessed value.


CEC/Park Committee Report: The Park Subcommittee of the CEC is proceeding with the adding a walking trail, creating adult workout stations, updating and adding park equipment, planting shade trees and storage plans. They’re seeking grants and donations to cover all of the items without using tax dollars.


Community Club Potluck: A resident said they believe it will be December 12 at 6pm. Information will be on the website once confirmed by the Community Club.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:42 pm.

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