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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Meeting Minutes
Oct 16, 2017

Town Board Meeting

October 16, 2017



Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7pm. All board members were in attendance along with 9 others.


Attorney Ashley Lehocky introduced herself to the town and was available for questions about municipal law services.


A resident stated that there is a fence on Kanaman Rd that’s too close to the road. Supervisor Abba responded that the situation is being looked at, but preliminary inspection shows that the fence appears to be legal. It will continue to be looked into.


Village of Fremont Library representative thanked the town, requested future consideration for the Fremont Library since Town of Caledonia residents account for approximately 18% of their circulation, and reported that the Friends of the Library fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, November 18. The silent auction items are displayed and available for bidding starting November 1.



Minutes: The minutes of the regular Town Board Meeting of September 18, 2017 and the Special Meetings September 27, 2017 and October 3, 2017 were approved.

Building Inspector’s Report:

Supervisor Abba moved to approve the building permit report of:

E9223 Guhl Rd, Deck, $17,000

E9475 State Rd 96, Shed Addition, $55,635

N400 Bellin Rd, Deck, $2,000

E8522 Thieme Dr, Shed Addition, $20,000

E8410 Ely Ln, New Home, $345,000

E8285 State Rd 96, Private Shed, $50,000

Motion carried


CUP: Lews – Animal Husbandry for a dog breeding facility on Klemp Rd: Supervisor Abba moved to approve, Chairperson Pagel seconded. Pagel and Abba voted aye; Supervisor Knuth voted nay. Motion carried.

Resolution 2017-10-01: Resolution proposal by town board to exceed tax levy. Supervisor Knuth moved to approve. Motion carried.

2018 Wolf River Vet Clinic contract: Supervisor Abba moved to approve. Motion carried.

New London 5-year Fire Service Agreement (for north of the railroad tracks): Supervisor Abba moved to approve the January 2018-December 2022 fire protection with New London. Motion carried.

Driveway Permits: None

Supervisor Abba moved to approve/authorize payment of 2 Epays checks 11689-11718 for $34,471.17. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances on September 30, 2017 of:

Money Market Account: $127,659.22

Now Checking: $8,105.15

Now Tax Checking: $47,874.14

CD1: $9,602.18

For a total of $193,240.69

Supervisor Knuth moved to approve subject to audit. Motion carried.



Updates were given regarding the Ambulance Subsidy Meeting, County Solid Waste Recycle Assessment, County Highway Facilities Financing, Tax Levy Meeting, and Wolf River Preservation. The Wolf River Preservation group were able to fill all open positions and the group will continue.


Road Report:

Supervisor Abba reported that Crosswinds is nearing completion with just shouldering left. Patch paving Klemp. 60/40 winter brush cutting has been submitted. 50/50 culvert for Cut-Off Rd will be voted on by the county later this week for work to be completed in 2018. Brehmer ditching is complete and 2-3 feet of sediment was removed in some areas. This should result in better drainage. PACER ratings this week for road evaluations should take about 25+ hours to complete and is due Dec 10, 2017. There are issues with two “numbered roads” in the town that need to be named or clarified for emergency response. Weight limit enforcement is ongoing. So far there have been multiple tickets written. Supervisor Abba is working with Attorney Lehocky to follow up on the tickets issued.


Property Report:

Thanks Go Green for tree cutting and stump removal.


CEC Report:

The next CEC meeting is scheduled for October 25 from 6-8pm. New members are welcome. The final park plan will be approved with funding recommendations.


County Supervisor Report:

Chairperson Pagel made a motion to support a yes vote for the proposed highway facilities project. Motion carried.


Budget Meeting will be held November 20, 2017


Meeting adjourned 9:04 pm.


Respectfully submitted pending approval,


Natalie Snyder


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