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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Minutes
Sep 18, 2017

Town Board Meeting

September 18, 2017



Chairperson Pagel called the meeting to order at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance along with 5 others.





Minutes: The minutes of the regular Town Board meeting of August 21, 2017, Board of Review September 5, 2017, and Special Board Meeting September 14, 2017 were approved.


Building Inspector’s Report:

Supervisor Abba moved to approve the building permit report of

E8981 Cty Rd H, Shed, $30K

N7593 North Landing Rd, Garage, $10K

State Rd 96, Storage Units, $225K

E9170 State Rd 96, Office, $65K

E8237 State Rd 96, Garage and Deck, $3K

N9124 Kanaman Rd, Shed and service, $28K

Motion carried


Chairperson Pagel moved to approve, with restrictions specified by the Planning Commission, the CUP for horses at E8643 Pine Valley Ln. Motion carried.


Chairperson Pagel explained that she spoke to CenturyTel regarding the wire buried under Brehmer Rd without a signed permit. Tim Kroeze admitted they did the work without a permit. The town board would have requested that CenturyTel dig deeper beneath the ditch since that ditch is scheduled to be cleaned out.


Driveway Permits: None


Payment of Bills and Expenses:

            Supervisor Knuth moved to authorize checks 11660-11688 for $172,434.46. Motion carried.



Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Kopitzke reported balances on August 31, 2017 of:

Money market account: $127,623.73

Now Checking: $7,429.75

Now Tax Checking $217804.65

CD1: $9,602.18

For a total of: $362,460.31

Supervisor Pagel moved to accept subject to audit. Motion carried.


Clerk Report:

Clerk Snyder reported that WiFi at the Community Center is now operational and that newsletters were delivered. Extra newsletters are available at the Community Center.


Employee Meeting:

Set for October 10, 2017 at 7pm


Road Report:

Supervisor Abba reported that the culvert on Cut-Off Rd failed and needed to be replaced. It’s a very deep, very long culvert and the cost will be $20,000 including the cost of repairing the road. The town is eligible for a 50% grant from the county.

Chairperson Pagel moved to apply for a 50% culvert grant from Waupaca County for the culvert replacement on Cut-Off Rd. Motion carried.

Supervisor Abba reported that weight limits will be enforced, the new Crosswinds Rd is progressing well and the county is inspecting it throughout the process to ensure that the road is being built properly. There will be no fall mowing, consistent with the new plan to do a full mowing in July to curb the spread of Wild Parsnip. There will be one round of pothole filling this fall after crops are out.

Supervisor Abba and the town board will be conducting Pacer rating to rank the condition of town roads.

Supervisor Abba updated on the Lietzke Rd rebuild. It came in at $115K total. The asphalt was $50.16/ton laid which is lower than any of the bids that the Town of Mukwa received from contractors. This reinforces the town board’s decision to utilize Waupaca County for road maintenance services since the town is getting a good deal from the county.

Supervisor Abba also presented the 2018 Roads Budget plan. The plan calls for plowing and salting (The town will have a stockpile of salt dedicated to our house to ensure we don’t run out and end ups as the lowest priority roads for salting. There is no cost until the salt is used). Brush cutting will be done on Magolski, Guhl, and Popeye roads. The budget covers signage, general road maintenance, the Cut-Off Rd culvert replacement, a culvert on Maertz Rd if the culvert budget allows, ditch cleaning on Rusch and Brehmer, a Guhl Rd rebuild from the tracks to Brehmer (Go Green will donate all of the gravel for this project), new base and double chip seal on Palmbach Rd. Klemp, Lyn, Whispering Winds, Guhl, and Magolski will all be chipsealed. Thank you to Go Green for providing the town a significant discount on chips for the chipseal. Total 2018 roads budget of $296K.


Property Report:

Supervisor Knuth reported that the vent on top of the park shelter has been replaced. Additionally, he’s looking to replace the chalkboard on the Community Center wall with a (donated) whiteboard.


CEC Report:

CEC Meeting will be held in October. Everyone in encouraged to attend.

Outdoor restroom: some humidity in the bathrooms. Vents will be added to the doors

Park Plan Update: A meeting later in September to finalize the park plan proposal. The Park Committee will bring final recommendation and funding options to the October CEC meeting.

Marketing Plan Update: No update.


County Supervisor Report:

Supervisor Kietzman reported that the new shed vote will be held October 31. Needs 21 of 27 votes to pass. A debate ensued about the necessity of the size, cost, and need to heat the $27.6 million dollar 109,000 sq ft proposed building, and the decision to retain the current site. The current garage was built around 1930, is located in the middle of a residential district, and equipment is bigger now than it was when the old building was built. Supervisor Kietzman plans to vote no.

The Caledonia Board requested that the county re-deploy county resources to increase deputy staffing and re-prioritize public safety as the #1 priority.


Other Discussion Items:

There is a link on the town website for the Planning Commission survey.

Supervisors Knuth and Abba will attend the annual Fall Highway Meg on Oct 3.

Chairperson Pagel and Supervisor Knuth attended the Ambulance Subsidy Meeting. Subsidies are decreasing as costs are increasing.

The special informational tax levy meeting will be held Wednesday, September 27 at 6:30 pm.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Natalie Snyder, Clerk

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