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Selected Town Board Minutes
Special Town Board Meeting Minutes
Jan 09, 2018

Town of Caledonia

Special Meeting – January 9, 2018


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Pagel at 10:04 AM. Supervisors Bill Abba and Vance Knuth were in attendance.  Attorneys Rich Carlson and Ashley Lehockey were also in attendance.


Chairman Pagel will act as the recording secretary for the meeting.


There was a discussion on road weight limit violations and the circuit court scheduling for two unresolved tickets.  Attorney Ashley Lehockey is the town’s contact. She explained to the town board the dates and potential outcomes concerning the citations.

The Town of Caledonia’s correspondence and initiative concerning the inequity of the state’s administration of municipal citation proceeds was discussed.  Pagel shared an email communication received today from Mike Koles of the Wisconsin Towns Association which indicated their support of our efforts.  He further stated that they will add this issue to their legislative agenda in April which probably means that it will be acted on in 2019 by WTA.  

There was a lengthy discussion concerning continued law enforcement options before the town and the potential implications of three potential options.  Future meetings are being scheduled to further address these matters.

No action was taken.

The meeting adjourned by unanimous vote at 11: 58 AM.

Minutes are subject to approval.


Respectfully submitted,

Paula J. Pagel, Acting Recording Secretary

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